Matthias Bauer - Haus H36, Stuttgart 2012. That floating stair is ridiculous (as is the CNC’d acrylic bathroom sink). Photos (C) Roland Halbe.


Waternetworks – Drops by Fulguro



The Urban Treehouse - Berlin, Germany

Set in a 650 sqm garden at the edge of Grunewald Forest, yet close enough to the hectic urban life of Berlin, lies The Urban Treehouse, a very special place consisting of two tree-shaped houses perched 4 meters off the ground level. Designed by Andreas Wenning from Baumraum - a leading architecture firm specialized in treehouses, the two innovative accommodation modules come with clean, cutting-edge design and bright, contemporary interiors appointed with all modern luxuries, from fully-equipped bathrooms and kitchenettes to plasma TVs and fresh, versatile furnishings.



adidas Originals ZX Flux Tech via Sneakerpolitics

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The Colourful, Playful Alternative To Shelves

Upon first glance the ‘Geco Hub’ doesn’t exactly look conventional, but that’s because its function isn’t. Currently just 7 days away from its deadline on Kickstarter, this super creative storage device does away with the humdrum of DIY shelves and cluttered mantelpieces, presenting an ingenious alternative for all your storage needs.

As evidenced in its introduction video on Kickstarter, the Geco Hub literally has a place in any location around your home or workspace; perfect for your toothbrush and toothpaste in the bathroom, keys and sunglasses in your hallway, or books and pens at your desk. With a quick and completely tool-free installation, utilising simple-to-use adhesive strips, and a fantastic strong-hold to ensure your valuables are secure, the benefits of the Geco Hub’s functionality are clear right from the get go.

Available in five vibrant colours, customisable to suit (or stand out in) any room, the Geco Hub is ready to help eradicate the phrase “where did I leave my…” from every home. With pledge options ranging from a friendly £3 up to a bold £80, there are plenty of reasons to be excited by this brilliantly inventive new form of storage.


Loft Apartment by Oskar Firek

Conceptual interior project. Loft 115m2.


The Float Wall Desk is a minimalistic floating desk that will have you wonder what good are desk legs in the first place.

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- The Process of Perfection

  1. Production CADs denote how and where each frame will be cut from sheets of custom-designed acetate
  2. Acetate sheets are cut by machine, specific to the shape of each frame
  3. Extracting the raw frame shape from its acetate sheet
  4. The manual, hand filing process carves raw angles into each prototype…
  5. … Followed by further shaping and refining by hand
  6. Acetate frame fronts and their corresponding temples
  7. A metal hinge is fused into acetate for integrity of strength; no adhesives or glues are ever used in Oliver Peoples products
  8. Using a lens pattern, the frame and lenses are matched
  9. Along with the most advanced machinery in the world, hand tools like calipers and files are still utilized to create our eyewear
  10. For a limited-edition product like the Sir Series Vintage capsule, the temple caps are hand-tooled with our signature designs


1954 kaiser darrin 161

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Can’t get enough of cute food. Seriously. This pop up panda bear toast is adorable.

Japan, I love you!

We just hit a big milestone, and its thanks to all you wonderful people out there. You are the best!